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PHABio-up - Polyhydroxyalkanoate Biopolymers from Waste Animal Fats: Scale-up for Enabling Industrial Production


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  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Riedel



PHABio-up aims to succeed the acceleration of the industrial production of biodegradable Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers from biogenic feedstocks building on PHABIO APP, where a closed cycle for the PHA production from biowaste was developed in laboratory scale. PHABio-up is divided into two main blocks. Firstly, the development of the scale-up of the PHA production up to 1 m3, including feedstock flexibility and PHA recovery, is targeted. Secondly, the PHA processing data from PHABIO APP will be transferred into industrial applications through the involvement of an industrial partners. Primary applications will be identified, verified and the process chain for polymer production will be established for pilot plant scale demonstration.



Animox GmbH, Berlin; Cuba Kunstofftechnik GmbH, Neuruppin; Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin;  Universiti Sains Malaysia (Prof. Sudesh Kumar), Penang, Malaysia; Universidad de Antioquia (Prof. Silvia Ochoa), Medellin, Columbia






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