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Bioverfahrenstechnik / Bioprocess EngineeringFachgebiet Bioverfahrenstechnik

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Chair of Bioprocess Engineering


Contribution of the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering of the TU Berlin in detail:


The Chair of Bioprocess Engineering focuses on research related to all aspects of an efficient bioprocess development. The line is drawn from high-throughput cultivation in micro well scale to the integration of a scale-down reactor in litre scale. The Chair is initiator of the BioProScale network (www.bioproscale.eu) and organizer of the international BioProScale symposium. The Chair of Bioprocess Engineering consists of five laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment: Bioprocess Scale Up & Down, Automated Bioprocess Development, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Bioprocess Modelling and Applied Biocatalysis. Within the AutoBio project the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering takes over the project coordination and programming of modules for automated bioprocess development on high-throughput robots. This includes integration of BioSilta’s enzyme-based fed-batch technology. Furthermore the project partner infoteam is supported in integrating the communication of a database with hard- and software components of the high-throughput platform. Also cooperation with the project partner Organobalance is undertaken establishing methods on the Chair’s Automated Bioprocess Development Facility. During the AutoBio project the Automated Bioprocess Development Facility is enhanced and extended. It is available for the cooperation with partners in research but especially for cooperation with smaller companies. Hence, the Automated Bioprocess Development laboratory is capable of executing complex missions for the industry. Own projects may be transferred from research phase to pilot phase competently and efficiently. Another goal beyond the AutoBio project is offering the gained competencies as a service partner to industrial partners for the development of bioprocesses.


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