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Chair of Measurement and Control


Contribution of the Chair of Measurement and Control of the TU Berlin in detail:


The Chair of Measurement and Control has been working intensively for over 15 years to automatize steps of model-based process planning, process monitoring and process control in biotechnology. To do so the chair runs its own bio laboratories making it outstanding worldwide. Over the past years a process control system consisting of state-of-the-art monitoring, optimisation and control procedures was developed. The gained knowledge is incorporated into a software environment provided by the project partner infoteam Software AG.

Another focus was put on data-driven fully automated modelling for optimization-based and model-assisted process control. Experiences achieved are to be applied within the AutoBio project to push the establishment of process models for experiments at the miniature scale. Consequently, the application in model-based processes like scale-up approaches was enabled. Beside the potential to optimise processes also reducing the time for bioprocess development is a point of interest. In cooperation with the project partners appropriate solutions are to be found which allow developing user-friendly software containing the methods of automated modelling, model-assisted process monitoring and controlling.


Chair of Measurement and Control, TU Berlin



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