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  Contribution of infoteam Software AG in detail:


As a software provider infoteam owns know how concerning laboratory automation and software development for medical devices from many years. Within the AutoBio project infoteam develops and implements a software capable of analysing, visualising, comparing and archiving data from experiments of bioprocess development independently from the device used. Central to the software environment is a database with an interface between the automated platforms where experiments are run and software packages as MS Excel, Labview, Matlab or Umetrics Modde. This link allows the previously mentioned application of analysing, comparing and archiving data. The most fascinating challenge for infoteam within the project though is the implementation of an online process control. This comprises the application of mathematical models (designed by the Chair of Measurement and Control), gaining data and parameter from the models and including results online in the process in order to optimise the cultivation. Beside a reduction of costs and saving experimental time the purpose is put on transparency and comprehensibility of the conducted experiments.


  infoteam Software AG

Am Bauhof 9
91088 Bubenreuth

Fon +49 9131 78 00 0
Fax +49 9131 78 00 50


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