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  Contribution of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH in detail:


Organobalance GmbH develops new and innovative products from natural isolates of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts based on the microorganism’s natural diversity and activity. To identify such bioactive cultures ORGANOBALANCE relies on a unique proprietary collection of microorganisms. The OASSYS® screening technology developed and established by ORGANOBALANCE is used to find cultures with specific activities and metabolites.

Within the AutoBio project ORGANOBALANCE supports the method development as well as transfer and verification of screening assays for selected enzymes or compounds to high-throughput screenings. Moreover protocols for process development in the miniature scale are to be evolved which provide the basis for process development and optimisation of many other screening candidates.



Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25

D-13355 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 46307 - 203

Fax.: +49 30 46307- 210



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