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Weitere Informationen sowie die Anmeldung finden Sie auf den jeweiligen Modulseiten von Isis2 [1]





BVT I: Bioverfahrenstechnik I [2]

BVT I: Bioverfahrenstechnik I - Praktikum [3]

BVT II: Bioverfahrenstechnik II [4]

PWB: Projektwoche Biotechnologie (AMM) [5]


Guidelines for batchelor theses [6]


Calendar for all Master Courses: Link [7]

Angewandte Biotechnologie aus Sicht der Bioverfahrenstechnik [8]

Betriebswirtschaftliche Projektplanung biotechnologischer Prozesse [9]

Bioprocess development from high throughput screening to production [10]

Einführung in die Bioelektronik [11]

Bioelektronik Praktikum [12]

Independent Scientific Working [13]

Industrielle anaerobe Bioprozesse – Bioenergie, Biogas, Biosolvents [14]

Projektierung biotechnologischer Prozesse [15]

Systembiotechnologie [16]

Unifying concepts of biomolecular synthesis [17]

Vertiefungsmodul Biotechnologie [18]


Guidelines for master theses [19]

PhD Thesis: Guidelines for Writing, Defending and Publishing

Important official information about the complete doctoral procedure can be found on the website of faculty III  [20] and must be read carefully! The information/documents below are only additional information given by the chair of bioprocess engineering.

Document no. 1: Template for a PhD thesis, which is used at the Chair of bioprocess Engineering, including the layout for the cover (front and back side)

Thesis Template [21]

Document no. 2: General information about format and style (font, font size etc.)

Thesis Formatting [22]

Document no. 3: Instructions for the complete process of writing, submitting, defending, and publishing in the library

Thesis Instructions [23]

Please note for the template (Document no. 1):

  • All grey marked fields have to be replaced by information from you.
  • All parts written in italic style are just information for you and need to be cancelled in the end.
  • There are different sections (“Umbrüche / Abschnitte”) in order to format the footer and headers differently --> you have to adapt this in your case, it is just an example. 
  • All subchapters can be prepared according to your thesis content, there is no general rule.

Examples for the cover layout from our chair in PDF:

Thesis Cover Example 1a [24]

Thesis Cover Example 1b [25]

Thesis Cover Example 2 [26]

For the design in Word, Adobe InDesign or TIF you can use these online templates [27] to create the book backbone (“Buchrücken”). Please scroll down and click on "VORLAGE" (template) and choose your format.

Recently published theses and publications from our chair [28]

In the following document you find some advices and tips concerning the online publication of your thesis at the library of the TU Berlin (to be finished latest 1 year after your defense!!!). This contains additional information to those given by the university (second link).

Online publication at TU library [29]

Official information for online publication at TU library [30]

Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer Consultation hours / Sprechstunde

Friday 10 -11:00 am
only with confirmation
nur mit Anmeldung
Anmeldung via e-mail
Ackerstr. 76, Room 258

E-Mail-Anfrage [31]
  • No consultation hours at/ keine Sprechstunde am /31.07./07.-14.-21.-28.08/ [32]
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