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Joint Lab Bioelectronics - Research

Cell handling by dielectrophoresis


Subjecting a biological cell in solution to an inhomogeneous electrical field may elicit a dipole moment that can interact with the field.

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Monitoring of metabolites


The detection of small biological molecules represents an important task in bioprocess control –however, after decades of research and development the field still struggles with irreproducibilities, sensor drifts and instabilities of receptors.




High-frequency impedance spectroscopy for cell monitoring


Impedance measurements of cell suspensions represent a well-established technique for determining the density of cells and their electrical properties. It only deserves a parallel plate capacitor or a comparable arrangement between which the cell ensemble has to be suspended.



Korrodierter Bio-Halbleiterkontakt

The surfaces of processed semiconductors become unstable when exposed to bio milieus. In particular, aqueous solutions of electrolytes may easily cause corrosion of inorganic surfaces like Si, SiO2, SiON. Also biological materials degrade upon contact, for which the denaturation of proteins on Si/SiO2 surfaces is a well-known example.





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