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Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

Please contact the group leaders/project leaders of your field(s) of interest - there are always several opportunities available!


- Smart Bioproduction Grids:

Scale up and scale down of bioprocesses, holistic approach to optimize cycles for the energetic and material use of biogenic raw and residual materials under sustainability aspects, tailor-made (single-use) bioreactors for new biotechnological applications.

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- Process Analytical Technologies:

Development of new sensors for biotechnology with a focus on the analysis of population distributions in bioprocesses as well as the investigation of gradients (e.g. pH, DO, DCO2, temperature, redox potential) under special consideration of the industrial scale.

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Bioreactor cultivation of different fungi species and optimization of growth conditions


- High Throughput Bioprocess Development:

Automated bioprocess development using robot technology and computer-based algorithms. 

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- Biocatalysis:

Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of nucleoside and nucleotide analogues.



BA/MA Screening the activity of Thermostable Nucleoside Phosphorylases


MA Kinetic and Thermodynamic Characterization of Nucleoside Phosphorylases


- Molecular Genetics:

Role of sRNAs in gene regulation and biotechnological applications, development of processes for heterologous gene expression of difficult-to-express proteins and peptides.


MA Use of artificial sRNAs to regulate gene expression in E. coli


- Joint Lab Bioelectronics:

Biosensors and miniaturized analysis systems based on the combination of silicon technology and polymer-based fluidics.


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