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ABE-Fermentations [1]
Development and validation of a macro-kinetic C.acetobutylicum model for cascade ABE-Fermentations
AutoBio [2]
Automated platform for bioprocess development
BCAA [3]
Impact of oscillating conditions on the synthesis and incorporation of branched-chain amino acids in Escherichia coli
BiogasFlex [4]
Modelling of a flexible operation of biogas plants
BioNukleo [5]
The goal of the start-up project BioNukleo is the manufacturing and sales of enzymatically produced and modified oligonucleotides ...
Bio-Rapid [6]
Consistent model based bioprocess development and scale-up of recombinant protein processes with Escherichia coli and yeast
CELLtainer [7]
Cultivation of Escherichia coli in a single-use bioreactor concept for recombinant protein production
DynaBrau [8]
Multiposition sensor application in brewing fermenters
EloGas [9]
Portable tools for the electrooptical monitoring of cell viability in biogas processes
Systems biology platform for the creation of lean-proteome Escherichia coli strains
FENA [11]
Fishmeal - and -oil substitutes for a sustainable aquaculture
FlexFeed [12]
Flexible Feeding of Biogas Plants with Model-based Methods
PHAbio APP [13]
Polyhydroxyalkanoate Biopolymers from Animal Waste Fats for the Production of Value Added Bioplastic Materials
PHABio-up [14]
Polyhydroxyalkanoate Biopolymers from Waste Animal Fats: Scale-up for Enabling Industrial Production
SCILS [15]
Systematic consideration of inhomogeneities at the large scale
Impact of oxygen gradients on the sterol synthesis in yeast
HGBF [17]
Development of alternative High Gravity Beer Fermentations
Model based optimization of parallelized yeast cultivations
MECR [19]
Modelling of enzymatic cascade reactions
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