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Development and validation of a macro-kinetic C.acetobutylicum model for cascade ABE-Fermentations



A research group of Prof. Peter Götz (bioprocess techology, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin) is investigating the production of acetone and butanol within the project OPTISOLV. Both solvents are of interest for the chemical industry and can be produced in a two-phase fermentation process with the bacteria strain Clostridium acetobutylicum DSM 792 (ABE-Fermentation). The OPTISOLV project aims at the development of a model plant for a continous fermentation process and at validation and optimization regarding solvent productivity of the plant.

In addition to a six-stage fermentation cascade in lab scale, a mathmatical model basing on object oriented programming in MATLAB was established. The model allows to simulate the ABE-Fermentation process in the cascade assuming multiple subpopulations of Clostridia.

Within this project the existing mathmatical model is transfered to a system of ordinary differential equations (ODE) to perform a computer-based parameter estimation by comparison to experimental data. Numerical approaches for solving ODE systems, optimization of dynamical systems for structual analysis and analysis of parameter precision will then be applicated to the model.





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