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Bio-Rapid: Rapid Bioprocess Development



The Rapid Bioprocess Development EU Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network (ITN) is a consortium of nine European academic and industrial partners, which addresses the area of rapid development of novel bioactive molecules from the very early stages of potency and efficacy testing to the biomanufacturing process characterisation and effective monitoring.

Our group focusses on two subprojects:

1. Scale up/down of microaerobic bacterial cultures, which are conducted for the purpose of producing probiotic food. A focus is put on the on line monitoring of the cell polarizability in fed-batch process in a homogeneous and heterogeneous environment as it appears in industrial scale bioprocesses. Finally, an accelerated scale up should be achieved based on the advanced on line monitoring technique.

2. Consistent bioprocess development and scale-up with the aim to formulate a robust strategy for high throughput experimentation in a parallel mini-bioreactor system by the adaptation of kinetic models at the example of a recombinant protein production process with E. coli  cells.


Link: Bio-Rapid ITN consortium

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