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Modelling of a flexible operation of biogas plants

Groups involved:

  • Bioprocess Modelling [1]




Lupe [2]

Biogas production from biomass is a representative example of the modern challenges faced in large scale bioprocesses.

Today, the most successful policy in biogas operation is don’t touch don’t breathe. This poses a conflict with the needs of renewable smart grid concept. Efficient biogas production should offer high flexibility on methane production in order to react to the energy market and be robust to different substrates to take advantage of any kinds of biomass available. In addition, long-term predictions of the dynamics of the process are essential to increase seasonal and climate influenced factors.

Nevertheless, due to the complexity and nonlinearity of the process, the development of suitable mathematical models, which adequately describe the main processes is essential to achieve an efficient model-based control and optimization of the process. Therefore, the following targets are addressed:

  • Parameter reduction for the obtained of suitable models in practical application
  • Optimal experimental design for efficient sampling
  • Mechanism recognition for process state identification
  • Combination of process simulation and life cycle assessment



SOTAsolutions [3], BT-IT [4]


Network metastream [5] (in German)

Funding Organization:

Lupe [6]
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