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Project supervisor


Dr. Anke Wagner
Fachgebiet Bioverfahrenstechnik
Institut für Biotechnologie

Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin)
Ackerstr. 71-76, ACK24
D-13355 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 30 314 78925
Fax: +49 30 314 27577


The goal of the start-up project BioNukleo is the manufacturing and sales of enzymatically produced and modified oligonucleotides, which are specifically used in basic research - e.g. modulation of gene expression. We develop a new biotechnological production process based on self-produced nucleosides. Furthermore, a broad variety of nucleoside analogues, nucleotides and sugar moieties in connection to the nucleoside metabolism is offered.

Accompanied is the development by a two-step market launch. Firstly, nucleosides and biocatalysts are offered directly or via distribution partners. Secondly, the market launch for oligonucleotides is implemented.

Close cooperation partner is the BioNukleo UG (Haftungbeschränkt).


Since 2008 BioNukleo has become an expert in the enzymatic synthesis of building blocks with regard to various DNA and RNA applications. We have a diverse spectrum of modified nucleosides, nucleotides, nucleobases, sugars and enzymes available on stock (www.BioNukleo.com).

In addition, based on our building blocks and in-house expertise we synthesize tailor-made products, such as fluorescent nucleotides and nucleotides containing halogen atoms. We also offer to produce special requests of nucleoside and nucleotide analogs up to the kg scale in our services.


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