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EloGas - Portable tools for the electrooptical monitoring of cell viability in biogas processes



Lance-based monitoring and sampling in the liquid phase of biogas plants

The current monitoring tools in biogas plants are measuring a limited number of parameters only; gradients that occur in the liquid phase are often neglected. The monitoring in the liquid phase is based on sensors that are installed at a randomly chosen, fixed position, thus providing only punctual information about the development of parameters. Therefore, mobile multiposition sampling and multiparameter sensor systems (previous project MultiSens) have been implemented for the installation at biogas plants in order to examine the state of parameters under the consideration of gradients.




EloTrace for the electrooptical monitoring of cells

The viability of cells is of basic importance for a proper functioning of the fermentation process for biogas production. In order to monitor the cell viability in lab and plant scale, an electrooptical method based on the EloTrace technology (Elosystems) is developed for the on line observation of the cells’ polarizability. Favourable conditions can be identified with this method. In contrast to flow cytometry, no staining is necessary. The preparation of the sample is automated and correlations between the electrooptical measurement and metabolic turnover rates are identified. The final aim is the development of a process analytical tool, which can be operated easily directly beside a plant or in the lab for process improvement, early detection of disturbances and the definition of suitable operation points at various conditions, e.g. substrate changes.

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