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Model based optimization of parallelized yeast cultivations


This project combines a parallelized mini-bioreactor system with computational methods for optimal experimental design (OED) to increase the speed and efficiency of bioprocess development.

In the 2mag mini bioREACTOR48 system up to 24 experiments with Saccharomyces cerevisiae producing a pectinase from Aspergillus niger are performed. Non-invasive sensors and the integration of the Liquid Handling System Microlab STAR (Hamilton) for at-line measurements enable to obtain a great amount of process information. The data is automatically inserted into the database which makes rapid data evaluation possible. Additional offline measurements (e.g. protein and secondary metabolite concentration) are obtained by use of the PerkinElmer LabChip and the Cedex Analyzer.

Based on the experimental data and process knowledge, candidates from statistical over hybrid up to mechanistic models are developed and continuously adapted. The model is then used to design new experiments using a multivariate toolbox. Thus, the influence of several process parameters on the growth and product formation rate is investigated.


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The DataHow AG is an ETH Zürich spin-off company focusing on data analytics in combination with process knowledge. The team of DataHow is supporting the Bioprocess Modelling Team with their expertise on data analysis and optimal experimental design


VLB Berlin


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