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Modelling of enzymatic cascade reactions


In this project, the High Throughput Bioprocess Development Team joined forces with two industry partners, DexLeChem GmbH and BioNukleo GmbH, to generate a dynamical model that describes the nucleoside phosphorilase reaction based on a two step reversible michaelis menten reaction. This mechanistic model can be used to find the best enzyme substrate pair and optimize conditions of the reaction.

The combination of multiple enzymatic transformations in an one-pot process offers considerable advantages. This concurrency of reversible reactions, however, makes process optimization a challenging task due to the nonlinear dynamics of the system and the number of variables to handle in enzymatic cascade reactions.

DexLeChem GmbH is a SME [Small-to-Medium Enterprise] focusing on reduction and re-using of resources in production processes. Dr. Mathis Gruber is supporting the Bioprocess Modelling Team with his experience in data analysis and process modelling.

BioNukleo GmbH is an in-house start-up which realizes the application of nucleoside phosphorylases to produce nucleoside analogues. The team of BioNukleo is supporting the Bioprocess Modelling Team with their expertise on the examined enzyme reaction and with data generation.


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