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Systematic consideration of inhomogeneities at the large scale

Groups involved

  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Scale up & scale down




Lupe [2]

The project aims to systematically elucidate the influence of increasing bioreactor inhomogeneity, which occurs in industrial-scale bioreactor, with respect to microbial physiology and production performance of Corynebacterium glutamicum Such inhomogeneous conditions can be mimiced by a so called scale-down simulator bioreactor, consisting of a well-mixed stirred tank reactor (STR) and a plug-flow reactor (PFR) connected in series to it.

In order to follow impacts on population heterogeneity under oscillatory conditions, laser-based reflection sensor technology from S+E Sequip is adopted to realize a morphological analysis on a single-cell basis.


Partners (in Germany):

FZ Juelich (AG Prof. Oldiges) [3], S+E Sequip [4]


Programme ERA-IB 2 [5]

Funding organization:

Lupe [6]
Lupe [7]
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