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Fungi as source for new bio-based materials: a patent review
Citation key Cerimi.2019
Author Cerimi, Kustrim and Akkaya, Kerem Can and Pohl, Carsten and Schmidt, Bertram and Neubauer, Peter
Pages 17
Year 2019
DOI 10.1186/s40694-019-0080-y
Journal Fungal biology and biotechnology
Volume 6
Abstract Background The circular economy closes loops in industrial manufacturing processes and minimizes waste. A bio-based economy aims to replace fossil-based resources and processes by sustainable alternatives which exploits renewable biomass for the generation of products used in our daily live. A current trend in fungal biotechnology-the production of fungal-based biomaterials-will contribute to both. Results This study gives an overview of various trends and development applications in which fungal mycelium is used as new and sustainable biomaterial. A patent survey covering the last decade (2009-2018) yielded 47 patents and patent applications claiming fungal biomass or fungal composite materials for new applications in the packaging, textile, leather and automotive industries. Furthermore, fungal-based materials are envisaged for thermal insulation and as fire protection materials. Most patents and patent applications describe the use of different lignin- and cellulose-containing waste biomass as substrate for fungal cultivations, covering 27 different fungal species in total. Our search uncovered that most patent activities are on-going in the United States and in China. Conclusion Current patent developments in the field suggest that fungal bio-based materials will considerable shape the future of material sciences and material applications. Fungal materials can be considered as an excellent renewable and degradable material alternative with a high innovation potential and have the potential to replace current petroleum-based materials.
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