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Physiological responses to mixing in large scale bioreactors
Zitatschlüssel Enfors.2001
Autor Enfors, S.-O. and Jahic, M. and Rozkov, A. and Xu, B. and Hecker, M. and Jürgen, B. and Krüger, E. and Schweder, T. and Hamer, G. and O'Beirne, D. and Noisommit-Rizzi, N. and Reuss, M. and Boone, L. and Hewitt, C. and McFarlane, C. and Nienow, A. and Kovacs, T. and Trägårdh, C. and Fuchs, L. and Revstedt, J. and Friberg, P. C. and Hjertager, B. and Blomsten, G. and Skogman, H. and Hjort, S. and Hoeks, F. and Lin, H.-Y. and Neubauer, P. and van der Lans, R. and Luyben, K. and Vrabel, P. and Manelius, Å.
Seiten 175–185
Jahr 2001
ISSN 1873-4863
DOI 10.1016/S0168-1656(00)00365-5
Journal Journal of biotechnology
Jahrgang 85
Nummer 2
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