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Determination of the maximum specific uptake capacities for glucose and oxygen in glucose-limited fed-batch cultivations of Escherichia coli
Zitatschlüssel Lin.2001
Autor Lin, H. Y. and Mathiszik, B. and Xu, B. and Enfors, S. O. and Neubauer, P.
Seiten 347–357
Jahr 2001
ISSN 1097-0290
DOI 10.1002/bit.1068
Journal Biotechnology and bioengineering
Jahrgang 73
Nummer 5
Zusammenfassung A simple pulse-based method for the determination of the maximum uptake capacities for glucose and oxygen in glucose limited cultivations of E. coli is presented. The method does not depend on the time-consuming analysis of glucose or acetate, and therefore can be used to control the feed rate in glucose limited cultivations, such as fed-batch processes. The application of this method in fed-batch processes of E. coli showed that the uptake capacity for neither glucose nor oxygen is a constant parameter, as often is assumed in fed-batch models. The glucose uptake capacity decreased significantly when the specific growth rate decreased below 0.15 h(-1) and fell to about 0.6 mmol g(-1) h(-1) (mmol per g cell dry weight and hour) at the end of fed-batch fermentations, where specific growth rate was approximately 0.02 h(-1). The oxygen uptake capacity started to decrease somewhat earlier when specific growth rate declined below 0.25 h(-1) and was 5 mmol g(-1) h(-1) at the end of the fermentations. The behavior of both uptake systems is integrated in a dynamic model which allows a better fitting of experimental values for glucose in fed-batch processes in comparison to generally used unstructured kinetic models.
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