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Growth rate related concentration changes of the starvation response regulators sigmaS and ppGpp in glucose-limited fed-batch and continuous cultures of Escherichia coli
Zitatschlüssel Teich.1999
Autor Teich, A. and Meyer, S. and Lin, H. Y. and Andersson, L. and Enfors, S. and Neubauer, P.
Seiten 123–129
Jahr 1999
ISSN 8756-7938
DOI 10.1021/bp980102h
Journal Biotechnology progress
Jahrgang 15
Nummer 1
Zusammenfassung The entry of Escherichia coli into glucose starvation is connected to the induction of both the stringent response and the general stress response. The concentration of the corresponding response regulators ppGpp and sigmaS (RpoS, KatF) was investigated during glucose-limited growth at different growth rates and with different cultivation strategies, including fed-batch fermentation, chemostat, and a continuous-cultivation technique with computer-controlled decrease of the feeding rate (A-stat). This study confirms the model of the in vivo effect of ppGpp on sigmaS by the direct measurement of ppGpp and sigmaS levels. The response of both regulators was clearly shown in situations where a nutrient shift occurs. A correlation in the concentration of both regulators was also shown under steady-state conditions. However, during transients with slow continuous changes of the nutrient availability, this concerted reaction of ppGpp and sigmaS is less apparent, indicating the specific importance of these regulators for the adaptation of the cells to fast changes of environmental parameters.
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