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Bioprocess Scale Up & Down


Gradients appear in industrial scale nutrient-limited fed-batch processes, thus cells are opposed to oscillatory conditions.

The oscillatory conditions in industrial-scale fed-batch cultivations are mimicked in multi-compartment scale-down reactors. The impact of gradients on the cellular behavior, regulatory network and population homogeneity are observed. All projects aim to discover targets for strain and process optimization and suitable process analytical tools to improve scale up and industrial scale processes performance. Several questions are currently adressed in research.





Single-use bioreactor development and application

The CELL-tainer CT200

Single-use bioreactors have gained an increasing importance in recent years in the pharmaceutical production. Wave-mixed reactors were among the first systems, which were applied. The 2-dimensional rocking motion of the CELL-tainer® from Celltainer Biotech is further developed and applied for bacterial, algal and yeast cultivations with the cooperation partner DMT. A uniquely high oxygen transfer rate of up to 400 h-1 is achieved in this reactor concept in a scale between 1L and 200 L.




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