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Bioprocess Scale Up & Down

Scale down

The oscillatory conditions in industrial-scale fed-batch cultivations are mimicked in multi-compartment scale-down reactors (see also Core Facility Scale down). The impact of gradients on the cellular behavior, regulatory network and population homogeneity are observed.

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The single-use bioreactor CELL-tainer

In close collaboration with Celltainer Biotech BV, the single-use bioreactor technology CELL-tainer is adopted to and applied for microbial application, e.g. recombinant protein expression in E. coli and marine bioprocess development with the heterotrophic algae Cryptecodinium cohnii.


Automated Bioprocess Development

Robotics and automation play an important role in biotechnology to handle the ever growing amount of samples and compounds that need to be analyzed.  This ability to conduct large screenings with minimal requirements is a key prerequisite in bioprocess development.

The automated bioprocess development workgroup focuses on current bottlenecks found in bioproduction industry. Novel procedures are applied to address

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Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Multiposition and optical sensors for real time in situ monitoring are applied in bioreactors of lab and industrial scale.The aim is to follow physiological and morphological changes of cells for process optimization and to increase the knowledge about gradients in large-scale processes.

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Bioprocess Modelling

Sensor technology enables the generation of large amounts of data promoting a better understanding, monitor and control of cultivations. It is therefore necessary to apply mathematical methods for noise filtering, data correlation and model reduction to handle the measurements and extract the contained information. In addition, the chair for bioprocesses at the TU-Berlin investigates novel methods to model-based scale up/down. To achieve this, complex kinetic models are reduced to meet the state of information requirements of large scale processes.

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Applied Biocatalysis

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